Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking Back, Moving Forward!!

Right out of college I got the job I am working at now. The people are amazing, some of the work that we have produced is so creative and exciting I just LOVE it, and the client relationships I have built have been awesome. I have learned a ton, but it is time to move on now. It is a wierd feeling but it is very exciting as well.

So last Thursday I got two great job offers on the same day and this following Monday I will be starting a NEW JOB!!!!!! Finally!

I was super nervous to tell my bosses on Monday. They have been having a rough year with the business and I just thought it would be one more thing they would have to worry about. So I was really hoping that they would see it as simply a career move and not freak out. They were super gracious and supportive gratefully, but it was my first time quitting a job, so I didn't know how it would go?!

At my brothers graduation on Sunday one of the speakers said that in today's job market, the average person has 10 jobs before they are 40, yikes!!!

So, I am super happy and feel very excited to move on to bigger things and the next step in my career :))))


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