Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Secret Life as a Banana

I left a cheeto on everyone's car trailing to the house I’m at, Hansel and Gretel style.

(Sara LOVES texts from last night)

Who else can say they have 4 friends that would dress up as bananas just because? Well last Sat. my friends and I were all in town on the same weekend and decided to have another banana night. We all dress up in banana outfits and hit the town. This past weekend we were on West 7th. Probably one of the greatest places in St. Paul!

When we get out people either are really confused or love us. We take a lot of pictures with randoms and in return they buy us shots, what more could a girl ask for?! People usually think were part of a bach. party but we just say we are promoting banana hammocks, King Kong is coming, or its Chiquita Banana’s birthday, overall it was a great night! Come Monday morning, I went to work and forgot to take off my yellow nail polish, very professional!!



We like to make new friends...nothing wrong with being friendly, right?!?!

BANANA DOWN!!!! So we struggle sometimes...but so worth it :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Post

Sara and I met our sophmore year at college, but really became close living together second semester junior year. We were inseperable and we were wild. If you told me stories of someone doing the things we would do, I would'nt have believed you, but it sounded like a good idea at the time and we had a lot of FUN. And really...why not?

We are both beotches...lets just get that right out there. But once you realize that it really reduces the drama. Because she would tell me, "you're being a b----" and I would say, "'re a b---- too" and we would move on with our days. No matter what crazy the two of us were going through it worked, because no matter what we had each others back.

We both would go back to college in a heartbeat. What is better than going to college 16 hours a week and then playing the rest of your life away?!

We have been reading people's blogs for a while and think it is so interesting, so we thought, why not take a crack at our own?! So here we will write about some of our adventures while we follow along with yours. Hope you enjoy lovelies :)