Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Urkel-ing"- Harassment or Genius

On the radio they were talking about this High School that takes plastic zip ties and uses them to tie up pants on boys who have them sagging down showing their rear. They then take their picture and put it up on the Urkel Wall. Some people were calling in and really angry about it, calling it bullying. Others were saying that parents are not involved enough in their children's discipline that a lot more than ever is being left up to the teachers and that what other student's think of them is huge making it hugely effective in sending a message.

For me, I don't have children nor am I an educator so I can't really say in a very informed way, but I imagine that as long as my child wasn't being harmed I would have to trust the administration to do whatever they feel is most effective. I also think the pants down under the a** is ridic and that it is kind of funny that they are doing this now.