Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Urkel-ing"- Harassment or Genius

On the radio they were talking about this High School that takes plastic zip ties and uses them to tie up pants on boys who have them sagging down showing their rear. They then take their picture and put it up on the Urkel Wall. Some people were calling in and really angry about it, calling it bullying. Others were saying that parents are not involved enough in their children's discipline that a lot more than ever is being left up to the teachers and that what other student's think of them is huge making it hugely effective in sending a message.

For me, I don't have children nor am I an educator so I can't really say in a very informed way, but I imagine that as long as my child wasn't being harmed I would have to trust the administration to do whatever they feel is most effective. I also think the pants down under the a** is ridic and that it is kind of funny that they are doing this now.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Furry Fridays

Meet Sylvia:

Name: Sylvia
Age: Born September 14, 2010
Weight: 6 lbs
Favorite Things: Playing, exploring her surroundings, taking naps
Waiting for a home since: November, 2010
About Sylvia: Sylvia, her 4 siblings and mom were rescued from a puppy mill that was shut down. We think Sylvia was born on September 14, 2010. She is a very fun & energetic little girl. She loves to play with people and other dogs and to be a part of the action in the house. She does well with dogs of all sizes, as long as they are gentle with him because she is so little!

My little Oreo got adopted and now Pepper is very sad she is all alone and still looking for her forever home, who will take this amazing little girl?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn't until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

I am so excited to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. My mom, bro and sis will be coming over and we'll all help in making Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving was a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and relationships. I think my family still holds these traditions but really focus mostly on giving thanks for all that we have and being grateful to our family and friends.

What are your plans? For anyone traveling though MN during our huge storm, drive safe!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Karma is a BITCH

So its been a year since Tiger Woods crashed into a car and his whole cheating scandal broke... Just wanted to remind people what a scum bag he is. And as we all know karma is a bitch, he has not won a golf tournament since that incidnet. Hope his wife and kids have a fabulous life without him.

I also hate Kanye, Taylor Swift is what like 20? Leave her alone, stop trying to get famous by talking shit about her.


Wedding on a Budget

Hi Everyone!
Yay for short weeks :) I need some advice. I have a wedding coming up for one of my friends New Years Eve and our budget is beyond tight. We are getting the hotel room to stay there as a Christmas present, I am wearing a dress I already own, but then there is the gift... I would love to get her a really nice gift but there is just no money at this point. We don't go out to dinner, don't go on vacation, don't go to movies, etc. so there really just isn't wiggle room in our life right now besides paying bills. Any ideas for how to get her a nice gift that she will love and not have her thinking that I don't give a sh*t???

Sorry I have not written in a long time. I have been working a lot at my full time job and then doing a ton of candle parties to try to get a little more wiggle room in our finances. I do really miss it though!

Hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday

Now truthfully, are there really good sales or do they just bump up the prices and then pretend to slash them?

Friday, November 19, 2010


Quarterback shows greatness on the field, but evidence of former cruelty remains.
November 16, 2010|Bill Plaschke
While Michael Vick was screaming toward the sky, a black pit bull named Mel was standing quietly by a door.

On this night, like many other nights, Mel was waiting for his owners to take him outside, but he couldn't alert them with a bark. He doesn't bark. He won't bark. The bark has been beaten out of him.

While Michael Vick was running for glory, Mel was cowering toward a wall.

Every time the 4-year-old dog meets a stranger, he goes into convulsions. He staggers back into a wall for protection. He lowers his face and tries to hide. New faces are not new friends, but old terrors.

While Michael Vick was officially outracing his past Monday night, one of the dogs he abused cannot.

"Some people wonder, are we ever going to let Michael Vick get beyond all this?" said Richard Hunter, who owns Mel. "I tell them, let's let Mel decide that. When he stops shaking, maybe then we can talk."

I know, I know, this is a cheap and easy column, right? One day after the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback officially becomes an American hero again, just call the owner of one of the dogs who endured Vick's unspeakable abuse and let the shaming begin.

Compare Vick's 413 total yards, four touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns against the Washington Redskins to the 47 pit bulls who were seized from Bad Newz Kennels, his interstate dogfighting ring. Contrast one of the best three hours by a quarterback ever to the 21 months he spent in prison.

Cheap and easy, right? Not so fast. Vick's success is raising one of the most potentially costly and difficult perceptual questions in the history of American sports.

If he continues playing this well, he could end up as the league's most valuable player. In six games, he has thrown for 11 touchdowns, run for four more touchdowns, committed zero turnovers and produced nearly 300 total yards per game. Heck, at this rate, with his Eagles inspired by his touch, he could even win a Super Bowl, one of the greatest achievements by an American sportsman.

And yet a large percentage of the population will still think Michael Vick is a sociopath. Many people will never get over Vick's own admissions of unthinkable cruelty to his pit bulls — the strangling, the drowning, the electrocutions, the removal of all the teeth of female dogs who would fight back during mating.

Some believe that because Vick served his time in prison, he should be beyond reproach for his former actions. Many others believe that cruelty to animals isn't something somebody does, it's something somebody is.

Essentially, an ex-convict is dominating America's most popular sport while victims of his previous crime continue to live with the brutality of that crime, and has that ever happened before?

Do you cheer the player and boo the man? Can you cheer the comeback while loathing the actions that necessitated the comeback? And how can you do any of this while not knowing if Vick has truly discovered morality or simply rediscovered the pocket?

If you are Richard Hunter, you just don't watch football.

"When you look at Mel," said Hunter, a radio personality from Dallas, "you just don't think about how Michael Vick is a great football player."

A couple of years ago, Hunter and his wife Sunny were watching a documentary on Best Friends Animal Society, the Utah sanctuary where the court sent 22 of Vick's 44 seized dogs. It was after 1 a.m. when the show featured a Vick victim that had been so badly abused, it refused to move, behaving as if paralyzed.

"My wife said, 'Get out of bed, get on the computer and e-mail those people, I want one of those dogs,' " Hunter recalled.

Nearly 18 months later, they became one of six people to adopt one of the dogs. The process included a home visit by caseworkers, an extended visit to the southwest Utah sanctuary, home monitoring by a dog trainer and a six-month probation period.

"These dogs were scarred in many ways both emotional and physical," said John Polis, Best Friends spokesman. "It was something we had never really seen before."

Hunter and his wife quickly saw Mel's scars. The dog wouldn't bark, wouldn't show affection, and would spend nearly an hour shaking with each new person who tried to touch him.

It turns out that Mel had been a bait dog, thrown into the ring as a sort of sparring partner for the tougher dogs, sometimes even muzzled so he wouldn't fight back, beaten daily to sap his will. Mel was under constant attack, and couldn't fight back, and the deep cuts were visible on more than just his fur.

"You could see that Michael Vick went to a lot of trouble to make Mel this way," Hunter said. "When people pet him, I tell them, pet him from under his chin, not over his head. He lives in fear of someone putting their hand over his head."

On Monday night, no, Mel was not hanging out by the televised football game. He was hanging on his owner's bed as they watched something on HBO.

"How can you support football when you know one of their stars did this to a dog?" Hunter said. "If more people saw Mel at the same time as they saw Michael Vick, he wouldn't be so lauded."

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the lessons learned from Vick's crimes were on display in a postgame quote from Eagles star receiver DeSean Jackson.

"We were like pit bulls ready to get out of the cage," he told reporters.

Cheap and easy, huh?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I am loving

I love this gown and the key hole cut.

Cute jacket but because I live in MN it would work better for fall!

haha I love this necklace, someone is always pushing my buttons!

What do you think?!



I am not loving those people who complained about being stuck on a cruiseship for 4 days. Yes, they didnt have elcetricty but during the day who needed it? And they had emergency lights as well as flashlights (and this isnt your little handheld flashlight.) They didn't have gormet food but had enough to survive. PLUS the people received a refund AND a free cruise. I would've traded places with them no problem!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


If you'd like to send a quick, free postcard to troops overseas, check out this program from Xerox. It takes less than a minute, and you don't even need to enter your email address!

A Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to, and including, their life. That is beyond honor.

Happy Veteran's Day!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I lay in bed at night and think about what I will name my cats when I am an old cat lady...

Who wants to adopt my precious kittens?!
Both are trying to grow big and strong and will be spayed and neutered as soon as they gain some more weight.

Pepper is a very playful kitten that loves to explore. She can turn anything into a toy or game. She is bigger than Oreo and likes to pick on him sometimes but is the best big sister ever and will cuddle and clean Oreo. When she is finally tired she loves cuddling on your lap/shoulder/head/ect

she can sleep!

Oreo loves to be around people, cuddling and giving kisses. When someone else is getting attention he gets jealous and would like to have all the attention on him. Oreo also is a little diva and doesnt enjoy trying to hard for anythign. When he needs to he loves putting Pepper back in line and protecting her if she meows and he can't see her.

Reason #84 I'm on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady: I called the police last night because I heard a noise and the cats were acting funny like they were trying to tell me something. The 3rd time the dispatcher repeated "the cats are acting funny?" I yelled and told her to have an officer ask the cats what happened.


Marie Callender's Home-Style Creations Meatball Lasagna

So I decided to give this a try because I am always looking for new things to eat at boring old work. It was ok. The meatballs had a nice kick but the pasta lacked what pasta should really taste like and it had SO much sodium in the package.

What do you guys do to spice things up for lunch at work?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 24

So I didn't really want to write about day 23...I feel like we have talked about that a lot, so I just kinda skipped it...oopsy :)

I have learned a lot this last year. It has been one of the hardest and also one of the best years of my life. These are just a few of the things I have learned.

Never be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy the stage you are at, because being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be.

People are almost always going to expect more than they give. Appreciate those who don't but don't expect it. Those are the people that are truly good friends.

Never take anything for granted. It is the small things that mean the most.

There are so many things that you don't even think about until something bad happens to you that makes that thing the focus of you entire world.

Just when you think that it can't get any worse, it does, and you make it through.

Nothing is more important than family and friends, I am SO grateful for the amazing people in my life.

What are some things that you have learned?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 22-Favorite city

I have so many favorite cities this was really hard.

The entire country of New Zealand

Kel and I lived here for I think a month. It was fabulous. Love the Italians

Brisbane, Australia:
I lived here for 6 months and it was the best experience ever!

Denver, CO:
If I had to move to another state other than MN it would be CO!

Have you been to any of these places?


Monday, November 1, 2010


I was Gretchen the beer girl. I loved this costume!

The best costume of the century goes to Snookie who was the Princess of the Pickles:


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 20-Nicknames

So were a little behind but whatev...

My first week at work someone attempted to say my last name but instead of saying it correctly they said pudding. So now at work everyone calls me pudding.

Not a super great story... whats your nickname?



Ok, so I joke about being a cat lady but now I am 2 kittens closer to being there!!

I used to hate cats. But now that I am fostering 2 little kittens that are so sweet, fun and playful here I come CRAZY CAT LADY!!!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 19:Something I Miss

(In honor of Halloween, argh!)

I miss not being an adult! Who grows up anyway?! I am only being half serious, but really. Being an adult is really kicking me in the arse lately. There are a million things that I am really grateful for in my life. But how great was it back in college? Amazing! 16 hours of class a week, all of your friends still 5 minutes away, Andrew and I still together but with none of the major bills...paradise! Sara was literally 10 feet away, not 400 miles! This was one rough week, so I am so glad that it is Friday tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great weekend! What do you miss?


First off lets get this straight, I hate Oprah but LOVE The Sound of Music. So I had to watch Oprah today to see how everyone looked. I wish the original cast would have sang but it was still awesome.

The Von Trapp family:

The cast today:

This is awesome:


Day 18-Something you regret

Graduating from the best college in the world!!

Yea, that is a silly regret and obviously I had to grow up and join the real world sometimes. I don't live with any regrets. Whatever happened in the past made you who you are.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE KELLY! I am headed to IL to see Kel and spend some quality girl time drinking for her birthday.

Anyone have any fun ideas of what we can do? Something different. What was the best birthday party you ever had?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's party. He is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong.

He forced himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them, a single red rose!!

He sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all cleaned and pressed! He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house.

He takes the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror. Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick: 'Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get groceries to make you your favorite dinner tonight. I love you, darling! Love, Jillian'

He stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, there is hot breakfast, steaming hot coffee and the morning newspaper.

His 16 year old son is also at the table, eating. Jack asks, 'Son.what happened last night?'

'Well, you came home after 3 A.M., drunk and out of your mind you fell over the coffee table and broke it, and then you puked in the hallway, and got that black eye when you ran into the door.'

Confused, he asked his son, 'So, why is everything in such perfect order and so clean? I have a rose, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me??'

His son replies, 'Oh THAT... Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off, you screamed, 'Leave me alone bitch, I'm married!!'

Day 15-Bible verse

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

What is your favorite?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I am loving


Samantha Sheekheels - Pink Bow Knot Pumps

Gryphon - Beaded Bib Flirty Dress

Tracy Reese - Graphic sequin shift

What do you like or dislike?


Day 14 - A Picture I Love

I really love all of my pictures, thats why I take them!

So I am going to post my most recent one that I love. Its of the girls I used to work with back in college. Including a cut out picture of Magda who moved back to Londan but was still there in spirit!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 13 - Goals

I want to visit Germany

Get on the Price is Right - My grandpa and grandma used to watch this show all the time with me while they were babysitting me.

I want to marry a couple - not be a priest/paster but actually complete a ceremony and marry 2 people.

Save all the animals in the world. Stop backyard breeders and puppy mills/have everyone adopt an animal from a shelter instead of a breeder.

Find a job that I love!

Have kids?! Yikes haha maybe I'll stick to all my cats, meow.

What are your goals?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 12

in Santa. And if you don't then I feel sorry for you. Watch the movie Elf!!

This was a tough question so I pretty much took the cop out answer.

What do you believe in?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

Hello Loves! Homecoming is this weekend and we are really excited :) Yay Kappas!
I wrote a post a couple months ago and all of those shows are still ones I love Chuck, NCIS, Teen Mom and Pretty Little Liars (can't wait until that is on again). Lately my newest show that I am watching is Sister Wives which just had its finale this week. Did any of you watch this?
I am interested to see what happens next season... the new four wives house, how many of them are pregnant, etc. These women kill second they are thrilled about something, and the next minute they are outraged and heartbroken about that same exact thing that they asked for. I can't imagine being in their situation!

What other shows do you love to watch?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 10

I fear...


Pretty much everything about it. It ranges from my family and friends dying to my self being attacked, kidnapped ect. I have quite the imagination and when I am home alone sometimes I have to lock myself in my bedroom haha.

What are you afraid of?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Picture of My Friends

My banana crew, always up for a great time!

My kickball team!!!

My BESTEST friend.

Marissa and I. She is amazing and just like me 4 years ago, we are a lot alike.

My family line, from left to right. My great grandma Rach, me, my little sister Ashley and my grandbaby Casey.

My sorority sisters. They are the best friends I could ask for.

I love my friends!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I love love love to travel

As you can see from Kel's post that we traveled to Sicily and had a blast!

I was also able to travel to Australia and live there for 6 months. It was amazing. I went to New Zealand for 2 weeks and had a blast. I was able to do everything I have ever imagined. I lived with 2 Aussies and then 1 girl from England and they were the best roommates. They had been there for 6 months by the time I had moved in and knew all the ins and outs of Aussie. I went sky diving, bungi jumping, black water rafting, saw all the sites, ect.