Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is like the best month ever for Sara and I because we get to see eachother two weeks in a row!!! Last weekend I spent the weekend in MN, half with her and half with my gma. So much fun! We relaxed, shopped at my favorite MN only store Heartbreaker (oh why don't you have a website :( ), and played our lives away. I LOVE MN! I met Steve, Sara's dog that she posted about and fell in LOVE! It is so sad how these dogs get treated at these puppy mills because he was just so terrified, but he is so sweet :) It was so great getting to see Sara's new condo and some of her favorite places to go out.
The place we went on Saturday was German and they had these giant boots. The drink was $25 but you had to put a $75 deposit down on the boot! I just couldn't believe it...that is so much money! Is it just me or is this crazy? I mean I am just North of Chicago so it's not like I live under a rock, but I just couldn't believe that! What about you?

This upcoming weekend we are both heading to our college for our sorority's alumni weekend. There are so many people coming and it is going to be so fun to see everyone again. The week could not go by fast enough, can not wait for BBQ, Family Tree Olympics and Krush Dance!

Just saw Date Night and Bounty Hunter and they were pretty cute, anyone see any good movies lately?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, to be in college again...loved Girl's Weekend!!!

Girl's weekend was so great. Lately I have been a pretty serious adult...scary I know. So it was SO great. I have not done so little in a while. At home, there is always something I feel like I should be doing, but here we would sleep in, get bfast/lunch, nap, shop, go out...it was awesome and so relaxing.

Here, is a picture of some of us at a sorority dance. It was so fun to be back at a dance again.

Us with our business cards...
So we went to the mall and were driving back in the car and I had to spit out my gum and apparently it looked like I was making out with the business card instead of just spitting my gum out. So they were making fun of me, and it turned into this whole joke about how business cards turn us on...especially when they are double sided. And then whenever we would find business cards they would lick them and be like "I love that font", or "That graphic is so sexy", "That cardstock really gets me going". It is crazy, I know. But we were drunk and we were loving just screwing around. And who cares right? So that is the deal with all the cards...

More fun at the dance and more business cards.

Somehow on Saturday we got this guy to drive us around in a limo for free, which was so great! I was a little nervous that he was going to take us into a corn field and kill us all, cause who does this for free? But he was totally legit, and we were loving him for that.

All in all, great weekend and I can't wait to go up there again in a couple weekends for our alumni weekend. There are so many alumni coming it is going to be awesome. Some of them are so far up on the family trees that we are so pumped to meet them (you will get it if you were in a sorority).

Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday! Half way there :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am sitting on the floor by my oven watching my cookie dough blossom. This is a whole new level of fat

MN has a problem with pet overpopulation, I belong to a organization that helps deserving animals find a good home. A lot of the time the humane society or animal control will "bust" a hoarder or puppy mill/backyard breeder which has a lot of dogs that were treated horribly. My org is a non-profit foster based rescue which means we can only take as many dogs as we have foster homes for. I am currently on my 4th foster dog and this group is great. I love all the dogs I have been able to help and my current dog is an Italian Greyhound. He is severly under weight and scared of everything/everyone. But now that he has gotten to know me he is awesome! When I get my next dog maybe everyone can help me pick a name! Unfortently I didnt get to name this one :( Here is Steve:

Go to this site:
You can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. This is amazing and whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers are over there and need to know we are supporting THEM!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One More Day of Work and then Girls Weekend!!!

Tomorrow is my last day of work this week and then I am heading up to the college I graduated from for one of my best friends/bridesmaids 21st Birthday Weekend! Can't wait to relax, have some coctails, get all dressed up and go to a sorority dance again, and just love life and play with all of my friends!!!!

I have had an interesting couple of weeks, so I CAN'T WAIT :)

They always have such great fishbowls here, and I always think it is such a good idea at the time...at least it will be some good stories for you ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend too!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Swimsuit Season...fast approaching : /

With summer coming up, it seems like everyone is focusing a little more on losing weight. No wonder with the smaller clothes, more skin showing and the dreaded swimsuit season. I am also in this same boat, and even more lately because my next 3 weekends will be spent with my skinny little sorority friends and I just want to be mini like them too! Why is food so darn good?!?

For the past year and a half I have been doing Jazzercise, which I LOVE. But what I did not love was waking up at 4:30 every morning to go to the class. So I decided that I would try it on my own for a while and workout when my schedule allowed and see how that goes.

For my first attempts I am going to try a mix of The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum. I started the Biggest Loser last night and it was good. It really kept me sweating the whole time! My husband was laughing because he couldn't believe I was jumping around like a nut and doing all of these things with the blinds open, but whatever! Hopefully it works! I can def. feel it today...

Wish me luck :) And let me know if you have any tried and true tips.

Hope everyone has lots of fun and relaxing plans for the weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of my students just told me turtles are lazy and need to get a job. Fuck yes, my job here is done.

My April Fools Day prank was a lot simpler and not quite as creative... My boyfriend and I changed our facebook status to engaged. My friends are so gullable we ended up having to change it after a couple hours because people thought we were for real. Now I know Kel is married but that is not my thing quite yet. I'll have plenty of time to throw my life away...

I am really enjoying this song... I would die if Kerli gave me any of her outfits from this video OBSESSED!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Demon Animal on the Loose

So yesterday started out as a fun day... My coworker and I played an April Fool's joke on everyone in the office, especially my boss. For that everyone joined in. She thought is was so funny. We filled her entire office with boxes. So that was fun :)

And then we were so busy around the wedding that we never got around to returning one of our gifts. And never had gotten a receipt for it but knew they said they got it at Home Depot so we figured they still sell it in the store so we might as well try returning it, what's the harm in trying? We ended up getting $117 dollars of store credit and were able to get new door knobs for all the doors inside our house. I know...never thought I would be excited about that...lame adult ;) But free is much better than paying for something no matter what you buy right?!

But then the bad part. Some sort of demon animal is destroying our roof. I love animals as much as the next girl, but not when they are going to cost me lots of unplanned money. I only have a couple pictures with me. There are several parts where the rafters and insulation are exposed for 5 or six feet in a row...shoot me now. So water has been pouring in, animals have been living in, uggghhhh. Here are some shots...not good :( fml

Guess you just have to count the many blessings you do have and figure out the rest.
Hopefully today will be a good day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winter Olympics Drinking Games

This winter my husband and I decided that it would be fun to invite some of our friends over and celebrate in honor of the olympics, just with much more focus on alcohol than the actual olympics.

Some people only could only stay for one day of events, but the real troopers made it through the whole weekend. We played beer pong, flip cup, bags, drinking jenga, baseball...who even knows what else.

Sara and Kate even took it to the next level and dressed up in costumes for the event and did costume changes as the nights progressed. Kate's were actually themed to the olympic events, like swimming and Jamaican bobsledding. Sara decided take a different approach and be a banana-representing a country that likes bananas, and a pirate-representing the ocean, lol.

Sara and Kate probably "had the most fun" at the events because our little Kate ended up making out with two different people in a matter of minutes and not realizing that three of our friends were even there until she saw pictures of herself with them the next morning (They were there for several hours). Sara did the same and she actually had a twenty minute convo with one of them and didn't even remember they were there or ever meeting them. One of Kate's make out sessions did result in $90 of free taco bell for all of us, so I would say that one was well worth it, she may not have said the same the next morning ;/

Sara took it up to the next level of drama and was yelling at me and crying at 3 am, "You don't have any beds for me!!!!" at the top of her lungs over and over as Kate is curled up on the floor in the fetal position not knowing what to do about the situation. Sara at this time was in fact sitting in a bed, as she was the only one who actually got a real bed in our guest room. My special little friend was so blackout that she didn't realize she was in fact not being neglected and was sitting in a bed during her fit of panic.

Oh...my friends...struggle to a victory-but so much fun!
Somehow they got me to play along in their dress up too! Oopsy.

Happy Thursday!