Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Days : )

Hello lovelies,
Half way there! Today was a BAD day. So on bad days I like to think about all of the good days that I have been so lucky to experience. There are so many that come to mind that I would love to re-live. Not to change, because I feel like good and bad days are all part of the journey, but just because they were such great days that you would love to be having a day like that on your trainwreck days.

So many good ones come to mind: wedding, family vacations, Italy, college...

What are some of your favorite days? Would love for you all to share : )



  1. My favorite day, in my somewhat short life, is my wedding day. I also love the day(s) my husband comes back from training for the Air Force. After being apart for weeks, that first day back together is bliss.

  2. Those are great days! Traveling always makes a good day for me!

  3. Favorite days in the Fall...homemade bread baking, pumpkin spice candle burning, brilliant blue skies and playing beautiful music while I make my home. That's why it's called being a 'homemaker.' :)

  4. I love Sundays in the fall, windows open, in our sweat pants, football on and relaxing with my husband while dinner cooks in the crock pot and makes the house smell amazing!