Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Weekend Plans

Hello Lovelies!
This weekend I am headed off to St. Louis for a Partylite Convention. This is my first one. I just started selling it in Feb. to earn some great money and get some free stuff for our first house while my husband was out of a job. So I am interested in how it is going to go! Six of us are driving down there tomorrow, for a weekend of festivities. I am really excited to see the fall/winter decorations, as a newlywed I don't have much yet in that dept.

Hopefully we have a fun relaxing time and there is lots of cute stuff and an awesome location for the free trip this year! At least I already know I loved the two day work week!!! Wish me luck, lol.

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Oh, and also Sara is on a 15 hour plane ride from San Fran to China right now, so hopefully she doesn't kill anyone! haha

Hope you all have a great week!!!


  1. Oooh! St. Louis is really pretty at night! Have a good time :)

  2. Have fun! And I hope Sara is having a great flight!

  3. Have fun on your weekend trip! Good luck to Sara!

  4. Enjoy your weekend! I love St. Louis!

  5. I went to St. Louis as a kid and would love to see it again as an adult! Hope you had a blast!