Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey Loves,
I am going through some serious Sara withdrawl. She has been gone for a week and still has a week to go. It is so wierd how hard it is not to talk to or text your best friend for two weeks! It is ridic! I keep thinking of all of these things I would be texting her about and then am like oh crap, she is in China. Hopefully she is having an amazing time, but I can't wait until she comes home!

Anyone do anything fun and exciting this weekend? My conference went great! I am obsessed with the new line and I got over $900 of free product. So great! Can't wait because next year is in MN where Sara and my whole fam are from. So great : )

I have $300 in gift certificates to spend on the new fall and winter stuff and am horrible at making decisions. If you have time I would love your opinion on what you think I should get!

Hope your weeks go fast!

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  1. That's awesome about the free stuff from the conference!