Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No way!

Saw this and totally agree!!

The same people who fight against prayer in schools are drooling over the chance to put a Muslim super center at Ground Zero. If you oppose this offensive idea.

This is a major problem our administration wants to bow to islamic extremists and apologize for our beliefs being different from that of islamic extremism. Our once great country is starting to seem more and more like the french.Instead of staying on the offensive like America should, our current admin would rather appease those who dislike us. What has happened to our country? Open your eyes Washington and stop this nonsense for the love of God show some backbone.

I think that the building should be multi-devotional. A place where all religions are recognized, whether they believe in one god or many. The healing needs to begin at ground zero. We are not fighting a religion, we are fighting people who... think of terror as a way of getting their point across and who are zealots.



  1. I heard about this, and I'm totally against it.

  2. I have been against this from day one. Its ridiculous.

  3. One of my blog friends tried to comment but was unable. Here is what JP said:
    Couple of points...

    First... The Cordoba House will be a community center, much like the YMCA... (And if you didn't know... the YMCA stands for Young Men's Christian Association.) It'll have an auditorium, art gallery, swimming pool, library... and yes a small mosque.

    Secondly... the Cordoba House will not be AT Ground Zero. It'll be a couple of blocks away... a good 10 minute walk from Ground Zero. There's a Catholic Church and an Anglican (Episcopal) chapel closer to Ground Zero than the Cordoba House will be.

    Thirdly... Residents of Manhattan (whom this actually affects, unlike you and me) approve of the Cordoba House 53% to 31%...

    Fourthly... Should we prohibit all places of worship from being located near atrocities their followers committed? Should there be no churches within a mile or so of Auschwitz? (the Nazis were christian). Should there be no churches near the site of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building? (McVeigh was Catholic). Condemning an entire religion based on a small minority of nutjobs is unfair. Since 1969, Catholic extremists were responsible for over 2000 murders and countless maimings in Northern Ireland.

    Finally... You call for "Washington" to do something about his... well unfortunately for you there's a little thing called the Constitution that prevents the Federal Government (and with the 14th Amendment that is extended to the States) from making laws about religious things...

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." - US Constitution, Amendment 1

    It's the same amendment to the Constitution that gives you the right to voice your opinions freely...

    Hope that helps clear up some misconceptions... If you want to chat about it further I'd be more than chat with you... Thanks!
    Here ya go JP, let me know your site!!

    That is not freedom of religion but rather a political statement that spits in the face of America and the Americans who dies on Sept 11.

    I think that was one of those small newspaper polls...the kind you can vote many times, don't have to live in the district and have a high percentage of error. Can't really remember exactly. I will give them this... The idiot mayor of NY is all in favor of it.

    This is not a church they are building, it is a political statement. It is a 12 story building which includes a mosque 2 blocks away from the world trade centers. The same World Trade Centers Islamic nut jobs attacked and killed 3000 Americans.

    Google Sharia law and let's discuss this 'religion.' The cover of Time or Newsweek had a Muslim woman who was badly disfigured...she is lucky they did not stone her to death. Nice religion.

    A mosque at Ground Zero dubbed “Cordoba House” is a flag of conquest – pure and simple. Historically, Muslims have converted non-Muslim houses of worship into mosques as well as building mosques on the holy sites of other religions. There are numerous examples of this throughout history. While the World Trade Center site is not a religious one, it was a symbol of America’s economic power, and this mosque is symbolic to the conquest and domination of that power.
    Check it out:

    A guy who thinks America deserves what it got on 9/11 ...wants to build a mosque at ground zero. Plain and simple its wrong.


  4. I think that every religion has its bad and good.... no one is perfect. when someone, ex. if someone hispanic or german does something bad, that doesn't mean all German people are bad...

    i agree with the last paragraph, it should be for everyone, no one is fighting a religion, we are fighting terrorists, whether they be muslim christian or atheist.

  5. This is irrating, I see it in this way If your don't agree well that is fine we all have opinions and this is mine.

    Building a mosque near or on ground zero is giving the terrorists what they want. A sense of statisfaction, saying they left their mark in history by destorying the twin towers. That is bad enough right there. Now to build a mosque near or on ground zero is like the USA bowing down to them giving them FULL statisfaction. I do not like the idea nor will I ever. This makes me NOT want to visit New York.