Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shocker..Heidi and Spencer=trainwreck

I am attempting to focus on more light topics, because we all need other things to keep our minds on, right?! No matter what is going on you can still feel like your life is okay when you look at the trainwreck that is the Pratts.

How do we all feel about Heidi and Spencers new sex tape drama? I couldn't even believe how ridiculous they were on the last season of the Hills. Forget the fact that she is 85% plastic now... but between the whole baby/no baby drama, and the bajillion dollar crystals they were rubbing on their foreheads, etc....ridic!

So now, this supposed super religious girl has a sex tape coming out with another woman that is being released by her husband? hmmmm...


Also, on a side note:
On the way in to work they said on the radio that 1 in 4 men bring a teddy bear with them on business trips...I was surprised. Are you? Do you think all of them have children who helped them pack? Or they just like to cuddle ;)



  1. UGH. That's all.

    About the teddy bear ... that's so SWEET. Nice way to end your post :)

  2. Spedi is nasty!


    Are you serious about the teddy bear? huh? I would never have thought that!

  3. My husband and i were actually talking about this the other day! She has totally destroyed herself! Dont know what she is thinking!
    - on another note arent they getting a divorce?

    Love that about businessmen and teddys :)

  4. I try not to listen to anything about them. They're ridiculou.

    I've never heard that! That is so funny to me.

  5. They are ridiculous. Clearly they just love the fame. And about the teddy bears...I bet little kids pack them for their daddy. I think that's precious. :)

  6. I don't know anything about the Pratt's except for her surgeries and that they are both fame whores.

    I bet the kids pack them for their daddies. How cute!!

  7. I'm still not convinced that they really are breaking up. I think it's all another scheme for more publicity.