Sunday, March 20, 2011

Advice Please!!??A Year of Weddings and Babies!!

I am so happy for when people have happy news, so I am so excited for all the people having babies and getting married this year. In this economy though I have to unfortunately be a little choosy about what I can go to.

Hopefully this doesn't sound really bad, but for friends I don't see that often or talk to that often I have a hard time justifying flying to Vegas for their bachelorette party or flying to D.C. for a NYE wedding....

With us just basically paying our bills and doing small inexpensive local things, all of the showers, bachelorettes, 8 weddings and 3 known baby showers so far are really starting to make me a little nervous. There are some that I am obviously for sure going to go to, for those friends that are sure to be life long friends. I am sure lots of people have had this before, any advice?



  1. If you can't make it to something maybe send them a really sweet card thanking them for the invite and wishing them the best!

  2. If I can't make it to something that's really big like the actual wedding, then I usually send a card with a nice note and a small gift card.

  3. I've had people invite me to destination weddings knowing full well that I can't go. I'm sorry, but I can't spend up to $6000 on an all-inclusive trip.

    Just go to the local ones. And send a nice card. If they get mad at you, then too bad. They shouldn't expect you to spend a boat load of money to attend their wedding.