Monday, March 21, 2011

Lake House- Be Careful Not to Leave Unnattended... ;)

It's been my parent's dream to live on a lake so they have been looking around a lot and we went to look at one yesterday. It was so nice and I could see how relaxing and beautiful it would be to sit and eat, or look out from the sunroom and see that amazing lake view.

Something that also crosses my mind is what a great party house it would be...several bars, fire pit, lake....etc. So while my Mom is dreaming of playing in the sand with her future grandchildren I had other things on my mind ;)...

Mabye we can meet somewhere in the middle, lol.

But seriously, my parents are fun. They love entertaining and having friends over, so it would be perfect for them. It has a porch that my Mom loves, a seperate dining room which my Dad loves. It is so rich and homey. I could just see them there. So we shall see.

I thought it was super nice though and had a lot of things that they have been looking for. Now if I can just get them to let us have their old house and just pay the difference!!! We all have to dream right?!

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