Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I lay in bed at night and think about what I will name my cats when I am an old cat lady...

Who wants to adopt my precious kittens?!
Both are trying to grow big and strong and will be spayed and neutered as soon as they gain some more weight.

Pepper is a very playful kitten that loves to explore. She can turn anything into a toy or game. She is bigger than Oreo and likes to pick on him sometimes but is the best big sister ever and will cuddle and clean Oreo. When she is finally tired she loves cuddling on your lap/shoulder/head/ect

she can sleep!

Oreo loves to be around people, cuddling and giving kisses. When someone else is getting attention he gets jealous and would like to have all the attention on him. Oreo also is a little diva and doesnt enjoy trying to hard for anythign. When he needs to he loves putting Pepper back in line and protecting her if she meows and he can't see her.

Reason #84 I'm on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady: I called the police last night because I heard a noise and the cats were acting funny like they were trying to tell me something. The 3rd time the dispatcher repeated "the cats are acting funny?" I yelled and told her to have an officer ask the cats what happened.


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