Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding on a Budget

Hi Everyone!
Yay for short weeks :) I need some advice. I have a wedding coming up for one of my friends New Years Eve and our budget is beyond tight. We are getting the hotel room to stay there as a Christmas present, I am wearing a dress I already own, but then there is the gift... I would love to get her a really nice gift but there is just no money at this point. We don't go out to dinner, don't go on vacation, don't go to movies, etc. so there really just isn't wiggle room in our life right now besides paying bills. Any ideas for how to get her a nice gift that she will love and not have her thinking that I don't give a sh*t???

Sorry I have not written in a long time. I have been working a lot at my full time job and then doing a ton of candle parties to try to get a little more wiggle room in our finances. I do really miss it though!

Hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day!!


  1. Hmmm you could do a personalized bottle of wine! I did one online, and if you shop around its not that expensive. You could take a picture of the couple together, and put a quote under it! It really was very inexpensive when I did mine!

  2. Do you have any old photos of you guys together? You could always make her a collage.