Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Peeps :)

When taking a bite into a chocolate bunny, 76% of Americans prefer to bite off the ears first. 5% eat the feet first and 4% eat the tail first.

During the Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million Peeps - making Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

Adults prefer milk chocolate (65%) over dark chocolate (27%). Not me :)

Each day throughout the year, 5 million marshmallow chicks and bunnies are produced in preparation for Easter. Holy Cow!!

16 billion jelly beans are made specifically for Easter which is enough to fill a plastic egg the size of a 9-story building.

In the old days pretzels were associated with Easter because the twists of the pretzel were thought to resemble arms crossing in prayer.

The exchange of eggs for Easter dates back to a springtime custom older than Easter itself in which eggs were given as a symbol of rebirth in many cultures.

The Easter egg roll on the White House lawn has been a tradition since 1878.

After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday.

Hope you all have a blessed day with loved ones and take a little time to reflect on what Easter is really about :)

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