Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it Thursday Yet?!

Hi Ladies,
Does it feel like it should be Thursday today to anyone else ;)? Come on week speed up! I have been making a little progress on my eating healthy/trying to exercise deal I have been doing and have lost 6 lbs in the last few weeks (don't you just wish it would all just fall right off?!? haha). But no...progress is progress. Some days I do so great and sometimes you just have to have a couple glasses of red wine. Such is life.

I was watching Real HouseWives of Orange County Reunion this weekend and one of them said she was feeling dizzy and her husband told her to eat something. She replied that it was Summer, and he should know she doesn't eat during the Summer! OMG. I will never be one of thosssseee girls!

What are your biggest downfalls and what do you do to combat against them? I have been jogging in place while I watch tv, which seems to make it less painful to exercise (hubby thinks its amusing). Do you do anything like that?


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  1. That's awesome about the weight loss! I've seen that on RH and I thought she was ridiculous!