Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, to be in college again...loved Girl's Weekend!!!

Girl's weekend was so great. Lately I have been a pretty serious adult...scary I know. So it was SO great. I have not done so little in a while. At home, there is always something I feel like I should be doing, but here we would sleep in, get bfast/lunch, nap, shop, go was awesome and so relaxing.

Here, is a picture of some of us at a sorority dance. It was so fun to be back at a dance again.

Us with our business cards...
So we went to the mall and were driving back in the car and I had to spit out my gum and apparently it looked like I was making out with the business card instead of just spitting my gum out. So they were making fun of me, and it turned into this whole joke about how business cards turn us on...especially when they are double sided. And then whenever we would find business cards they would lick them and be like "I love that font", or "That graphic is so sexy", "That cardstock really gets me going". It is crazy, I know. But we were drunk and we were loving just screwing around. And who cares right? So that is the deal with all the cards...

More fun at the dance and more business cards.

Somehow on Saturday we got this guy to drive us around in a limo for free, which was so great! I was a little nervous that he was going to take us into a corn field and kill us all, cause who does this for free? But he was totally legit, and we were loving him for that.

All in all, great weekend and I can't wait to go up there again in a couple weekends for our alumni weekend. There are so many alumni coming it is going to be awesome. Some of them are so far up on the family trees that we are so pumped to meet them (you will get it if you were in a sorority).

Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday! Half way there :)



  1. A good girls weekend is always a great way to escape from 'adult life'! And I totally get what you were doing with the business cards...too funny!

  2. By far the sexiest font is Arial Bold. It's a strong and powerful font.

    If you're looking for sexy cardstock you can't do much better than a 110lb linen.

    Just FYI.