Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of my students just told me turtles are lazy and need to get a job. Fuck yes, my job here is done.

My April Fools Day prank was a lot simpler and not quite as creative... My boyfriend and I changed our facebook status to engaged. My friends are so gullable we ended up having to change it after a couple hours because people thought we were for real. Now I know Kel is married but that is not my thing quite yet. I'll have plenty of time to throw my life away...

I am really enjoying this song... I would die if Kerli gave me any of her outfits from this video OBSESSED!



  1. Hey, Sara, can you send me your email address? Trying to put together a MN bloggers gathering and want to get you on the email list!

  2. Sorry I only have my work email address, but feel free to post stuff on here to let me know!!

  3. No prob. Go check out this post!