Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is like the best month ever for Sara and I because we get to see eachother two weeks in a row!!! Last weekend I spent the weekend in MN, half with her and half with my gma. So much fun! We relaxed, shopped at my favorite MN only store Heartbreaker (oh why don't you have a website :( ), and played our lives away. I LOVE MN! I met Steve, Sara's dog that she posted about and fell in LOVE! It is so sad how these dogs get treated at these puppy mills because he was just so terrified, but he is so sweet :) It was so great getting to see Sara's new condo and some of her favorite places to go out.
The place we went on Saturday was German and they had these giant boots. The drink was $25 but you had to put a $75 deposit down on the boot! I just couldn't believe it...that is so much money! Is it just me or is this crazy? I mean I am just North of Chicago so it's not like I live under a rock, but I just couldn't believe that! What about you?

This upcoming weekend we are both heading to our college for our sorority's alumni weekend. There are so many people coming and it is going to be so fun to see everyone again. The week could not go by fast enough, can not wait for BBQ, Family Tree Olympics and Krush Dance!

Just saw Date Night and Bounty Hunter and they were pretty cute, anyone see any good movies lately?



  1. Returning your follow! You girls are like a younger hotter version of Themla & Louise! Loves it!!

    I SO want to see both movies..which did you like better?

  2. this is a great idea...blogging w/your bestie =)
    thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting!!!

    i'm a new follower!!!

  3. $75 for a boot 'o' beer?

    Freakin' weekend. It's crazy what the kids are up to these days!

    (I only say that because I am, on the inside, an old lady and cannot imagine why anyone would want to do that.)

  4. Thanks for following ladies!
    J-It is so hard to say, they were both really funny! In my opinion you can't go wrong either way :)

  5. Welcome to the blog world and my blog! Happy to have you!

  6. holy moly, that is a **** ton of money for a drink! right?!--it's even driven me to curse!

  7. You get the deoposit back on the boot of beer when you return it! aka you only pay for the beer in the end so people dont steal it!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, $75 deposit?! Knowing me, I'd drop the boot on accident. Looks like a fun way to have a beer though!