Monday, June 14, 2010

Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Any Crazier!

Hello lovelies! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend :)! Mine was pretty low-key , just getting things done around the house. Which is nice because lately I feel like I am running around like such a crazy person and am never home. I spent my first night alone since being married. Andrew went up to Green Bay to see one of his friends, so I was a little nervous about that. Clearly I made it, haha! As I told you before, such a chicken.

Tonight I am finally able to get my hair done, and I think I am going to finally take the plunge and go brunette. I have been little by little adding more and more lowlights, but still doing highlights too (always been blonde and just love it!). This time, only lowlights. We shall see how it goes.

Did anyone watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami last night? I know, I know, kind of ridiculous, but it's like a train just can't look away! They are very entertaining! This season from the previews looks insane! Just when you thought they had done all the crazy they could do, nope there's more! I can't believe how bad that their store had been let go! Sara and I were talking last night and we want to try to go to their store when we are in L.A.

From what the previews look like Scott just keeps getting worse and worse...never thought that was possible right? Some of my friends do this too. Why do such pretty, successful, nice girls put up with such garbage?!

What are some of your favorite/craziest Kardashian moments?



  1. Hey Kelly - I don't keep up with the Kardashinas, but I did get asked on a date by their step-dad, Bruce Jenner, once. Ick. Anyway, excited to see your hair!

  2. I watched last night. Those girls (and the whole family) are crazy! I cant wait to see all the drama this season

  3. i can't believe i missed it. last night i said to my husband, "wait, isn't tonight the first night of the new kardashian season or something?" he too is obsessed, only in his case, he just likes the girls obviously... he says he doesn't think so and we continue watching food network and hgtv. i'm so mad. can't believe i missed it :(

    i think i hate scott as much as i hate spencer on the hills. sorry, i'm the oldest married broad watching this crap. please do not tell anyone!

  4. I love this show. Their mom is just as crazy as they are!!

  5. I'm glad your first night alone passed well. MacGyver and Punky are out of town for a week right now, too, and while it's not my first time alone since getting married, it's still so ODD to be here all by myself.

  6. When I was in LA I really wanted to go to the store but be prepared it's about 45 mins from LA.