Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Excited!!!

I am so excited, because today I am getting my Evo!!! Have you guys taken a look at it? It is awesome. We are changing from Verizon to Sprint to join this discount plan and I just loved this phone from the minute I tried it.

Also, Sara and I have booked a trip to go see our good friend Kelly in L.A. over 4th of July weekend :) I have been to SanDiego, but never to L.A. Anyone a L.A. pro, that has some fun (and economical) things to do while we are there? We were thinking mabye a winery, a parade (LOVE America)...but what else? Would appreciate any tips you might have!

Hope all you lovelies are having a great week!


  1. Can I just say I'm a hardcore advocate of Team Android. So way to go on the EVO! I've heard lots of good things about it, most of the crew we hang with are techie phone geeks, as is my husband, so I'd have heard any negatives by now.
    I'm no help on the LA trip- never been there!

  2. Oooh ... gotta hit a beach while you're there! Oh - and if you don't mind crazy crowds, you'll be so close to Disneyland .. that may be fun too :) Have a good time.

  3. The phone looks neat! We have Sprint right now but where we live they do not give the best coverage so we are switching to ATT. I will be an iphone owner hopefully very soon!

  4. (the hubs just decided he's getting an EVO. He's upgrading from a g1)

  5. I just got back from LA!!! If you want any fun tips or places to go or see, or even eat at, just email me!

  6. I'm no LA pro, but I was just there so I can offer a few suggestions! There's this amazing place to eat in Santa Monica called Lemonade, its all really healthy and fresh food but at an affordable price- seriously, some of the best food I've ever had! Also, the TJ Maxx on Arizona & 4th in Santa Monica has a ton of designer stuff (ie- prada, pucci, jbrand, etc). I actually didn't go there b/c I was just thinking it was going to be a typical tjmaxx (which i still love, but not enough to go during my trip to Cali) but i was informed by that its just so much more (she is the BEST source for what to do in LA). I'm seriously thinking of going over there JUST to go to tjmaxx, is that crazy? Sorry for the longest comment ever but the tjmaxx is also by the santa monica promenade which is super fun.

  7. I literally was just at the Sprint store 15 minutes ago and was LOVING this phone! I had a Palm Pre that I was having trouble with so I got a brand new new, but since it was a free replacement I got the Palm Pre again, but my next upgrade I want the Evo!