Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bachelorette

I wasn't sure if I would like this season but so far I am loving Ali, this season, and her dress from last nights elimination.

My top 5 are:

The first episode I wasn't sure but he is my favorite thus far. Not super hot but cute, smart, funny. Especially when the car broke down, you can tell a lot about someone when that happens. He really stressed that he follows his guy/heart and his career will always be there and its perfect for her! Only downfall is that I hated both their shoes on the date haha!


He was a little self conscious and now that the tool is gone I hope he focuses on Ali and just has fun with it.


Ok, so we haven't see much from him but I went to school in Green Bay and this is the closest to our hometown so I am rooting for him!

Chris L

Liking him!


I think with the dancing and baseball he will get pretty far. He is impressing Ali and I don't think he will win but will make it pretty far.

What are your thoughts?



  1. There seem to be very few genuine guys on here. Im sure that is how the bachelor is? This is my first time watching it...but there are some serious tools that need to be kicked off! I like your picks except for Jonathan...I am not sure about him, but I felt bad when that jerk (guy in the pink shirt) was being rude to him. Hope you had a great weekend! <333

  2. I love Frankie, too! SO glad that old dude is gone... he would have been so much trouble. I agree - I think Roberto will go pretty far. There is one guy that I have good vibes from - it's the one she took on a one on one date, with tattoos... he said it was his first suit. Like him, too! (Is that the Green Bay guy??? I don't know them very well yet!) Great Post.. I love the show and love finding fellow Bachelor/Bachelorette fans!

  3. I really like Chris L, and like you, Frank grew on me last night during the date, not a fan of the shoes either! lol my husband actually said, "ewww he has those shoes on" during the show because he makes fun of those shoes in real life. I'm so glad Craig is gone! he was so odd! he looked like a McDreamy gone psycho.

  4. i was really hoping the weatherman (from houston, like me!) would represent us well. but i cant tell if he's a good guy or not yet.. we'll have to wait and see!

  5. I like Roberto. I'm thinking he could end up going far.

  6. I just watched my first episode on Mon...and only knew that dude as Weatherman. Ah ha ha!

  7. I wish I were watching the show so I could contribute!


    I, too, was unsure if I would favor this cycle of The Bachelorette but Ali is slowly endearing herself to me by being kind of a goober.

    Also, I love me some Frank and I also adore Hunter. I mean, the guy gets out of the limo, gives her a hug and asks to use the bathroom. That's a straight-shooter.

  9. I wasn't sure how'd I like this season since I wasn't a HUGE fan of Ali (I didn't dislike her, I just didn't think she was the right choice), but as every season prior I am sucked back in.

    I like Frank and Roberto, but I'm sure my thoughts will change with each episode, it's too early for me to call it.

    lol @ one of the previous comments mentioning that Craig looked like McDreamy gone psycho, I happened to be watching when my husband walked in from work and he said "dude, McDreamy on the Bachelorette".. lol!

  10. Frank is my absolute favorite thus far! I love his quirky personality, and I honestly think he's pretty hot. I love the glasses and his inidie style!