Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers - Update!

Please keep up the thoughts and prayers for Dash, he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Here is the latest story:

Three Duluth Juveniles remain in custody tonight and are being held without bail pending future court appearances in connection with last month's brutal Lakewalk attack.

Multimedia Watch The Video The assault left a 21 year old UMD student hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury.

The Court has deemed the three teens a public safety concern and that's why they remain in custody.

17 year old Julie Ann Isham, 16 year old Markus Lee St. Clair, and 16 year old Myron Ellis Clark...were all charged yesterday with first degree assault and first degree aggravated robbery...Clark is also charged with attempted murder.

According to the criminal complaints...the three give very different accounts of what happened on May 20th...the night 21 year old Dash Johnson was severely beaten, robbed, and left unconscious on the Lakewalk.

Clark told police the three of them plus a 14 year old male were on the Lakewalk that night when they saw Dash walking.

Clark, who is charged with attempted murder in the incident, told police it was St. Clair and the 14 year old who hit the victim three times and that his only involvement was handling the Dash's wallet.

However the statement of the 14 year old, who has not yet been charged, paints a very different picture of the incident.

He told police that Isham and St. Clair asked Dash Johnson for a cigarette and lighter, he says St. Clair then punched Dash in the face.
He says it was Clark who then began kicking and stomping on Dash, while St. Clair tried to get him to stop.

The 14 year old said after the attack, Isham rolled Dash over and took his cell phone while Clark took his wallet.

He also told officers he later heard Clark bragging about trying to kill the victim.

As for Dash Johnson, the assault left him with a traumatic brain injury and he still can't quite remember what happened that night.

The court has also ordered some of the suspects to undergo psychological and chemical dependency evaluations.

A certification motion has been requested to try both Clark and Isham as adults.


  1. how sick, it is so scary what some people are capable of!

  2. So sorry to hear everything. Continued prayers.

  3. That is disgusting. These people need to get what they deserve. I just hope Dash can come away with this and carry on his life as best he can.

  4. This brings tears to my eyes. There are so many SICK people in this world. My boyfriend is a Law Enforcement Officer. I told him about this and he says those kids deserve death or to be locked up for life. So much cruelty in this world. Makes me long for Heaven and all the gloriousness it holds! I continue to pray for Dash and his family and for justice. <333

  5. I am sending so many prayers up for Dash's full recovery. This kind of thing is so unnecessary and sickening. I hope they're all charged as adults.

  6. So sad. He is in my thoughts.

  7. It's hard to imagine someone capable of being so brutal. I've often wondered how I would feel if one of my sons were a perpetrator like this. Maybe it would be easier to be the victim's mother. hard to say. So sad, but hope Dash is continuing to get better!

  8. This just makes me so sick. How can people be so truly twisted and unfeeling? It makes my hear hurt. I hope he is able to recover as fully as possible!

  9. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Dash has a lot of people praying for his recovery that's for sure.