Friday, June 4, 2010

Furry Friday

Thanks to Confessions of a Domestic Goddess -
Who has this fabulous idea that I am stealing! As most of you know, I foster dogs and I think everyone should adopt from a local shelter. My Italian Greyhound Steve was adopted last night and I am already missing him! He went to a fabulous home and I wish him the best of luck.

Dog of the week:

Name Mimi
Age: 11 months old
Weight: 6 lbs
Favorite Things: Cuddling with people!
Waiting for her home since: May, 2010

Mimi had a rough start to her life. She is a puppy mill survivor. Despite being mistreated and neglected at the puppy mill, she is a wonderful little girl that loves people. She also gets along very well with other small dogs. Mimi loves to cuddle! Mimi is a beautiful miniature dachshund.

I was able to meet Mimi last weekend and she is so sweet. She loves to cuddle and likes playing with other dogs even though she is tiny!

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Do you have a dog? Where did you get it? How did you pick the name? What is your favorite breed and why?


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with her!!! I've always wanted a mini dachshund! I wish I had a yard.

    Happy Friday!


  2. Ahh! I love, love, love rescue dogs. All the dogs I've had in my lifetime have come from rescue homes or the SPCA. I currently have a boxer who my family adopted from a boxer rescue home. :)

  3. Where is this dog located?? She looks like such a sweetheart!!

  4. I'm sure as soon as we get a house we will get another dog. I don't think I could ever foster because I get so attached!

  5. Hi girls ... I'm your newest follower (YAY for me!)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I love your all's blog and the background with the clothes on the hanger- very creative! I love that the first blog I got to read was about your rescue dogs!! VERRY SWEET and I looove this kind of charity! I am a NUT over animals....I am actually getting ready to get another yorkie (it is officially 3 weeks old today) so 3 more weeks she will be ready to come my best friend has preached to me that I need to adopt an animal and before I found this breeder I searched and searched and it just never worked out....that and I am too antsy to wait! But as far as I am concerned I AM rescuing this poor dog....especially since it is a female(this lady will keep females to breed)....this lady is a PUPPY MILL In everyyy sense of the word.....I plan on blogging about it in the mom and I drove out to her house to look at my future doggy and on our way back home we talked about whether we should turn her joke....I am going to try and sneak and get some pictures of these dogs living conditions on my next trip! Anyway, I know this is a super long post, just wanted to share and stop by and say thank you! I am now a follower of your all's blog as well....ALSO I love this little minature dachsaund in the the picture....I used to have one when I was little, his name was Oscar, and he was my shadow - they're so precious if they have the right kind of love and upbringing, sorta like KIDS hahaha

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! We have a Dog. We got him from a farm. They accidentally had puppies. As in their mom's dog may have doggy raped their daughters dog but really that's why you get them fixed. But anyways. His Name is Rudy. My husband named him and told me it was short for Rudolph since he was a Christmas present. But then I figured out that he was really naming it after his favorite football movie (Rudy). Sneaky. I don't have a favorite breed, I love them all!

  8. We have a pup, her name is Tiki. We adopted her from a min pin rescue (imps). Shes 11 months, and 11 pounds. Such a cutie! I'm not a big dog fan overall, but my pup is one I do actually like! She's so smart!

  9. What a sweetheart! We don't have a dog but we do have 2 cats that sort of found us (one was homeless and the other was left behind by her irresponsible owners).

  10. Hi, first of all, thanks for your quick visit to my site, thanks also for the welcome comment, really appreciate it.
    My favorite dog, German Sheppard, I have had quite a few, 6 to be exact, and all but the last one has died of old age by now. The last one is still alive and well. I got him a mate, a boerbull, who is now almost months old.

    Thanks for sharing, am going to follow you.

    Have a super weekend.

  11. "I have never seen this video and I am now obsessed!"

    haha I know it's great!
    That is seriously such a cute dog!! Love it!

  12. My husband had dachshunds growing up, and he almost cried when I showed him Mimi's picture:) I think he's obsessed with her now!

  13. Those little hot dogs are one of my favorite breeds. :) I'm hoping to get myself a soft-coated wheaten terrier sometime in the next year or so. I'm waaay too big of a dog person.

  14. I always had dachsunds growing up, and we had one that looked just like mimi! I love her!

  15. Oh, I love this! I don't have a dog right now since our landlord won't allow pets, but I want one so so badly!! I love them all, but labs are probably my fave. I just love the over-sized paws and head that the puppies have!