Friday, May 21, 2010


Now I have watched Grey's from day 1 but have had my doubts lately. It just hasn't had a plot and I was sick of everyone sleeping with everyone. BUT THEN... they did it again. An amazing finale...

A gunman terrorizes Seattle Grace... there were so many intense scenes that I was on the edge of my chair the whole 2 hours. I loved that Derrick did not die and that Christina was able to work on him. I am glad Meredith is not pregnant because then all next season she would be dealing with that. I fell in love with Richard again, he did great! Glad Miranda found a guy, but I think I liked the mean Bailey better!! I am glad Yang and Owen broke up, when they made out I wanted to vomit.

Side note, I would compare Christina and Meredith to Kel and I. We don't show emotions but when we do you know its bad. We know what eachother are thinking and are kinda at the same place as they are in the show. Kel is Mer and I am Christina...

Derek: I'm not gonna die.
Meredith: Good. Because that would be the worst break-up ever.

This is totally us:
Cristina: So, if you and Derek are on a plane crash and you die, the kid is mine?
Meredith: Yes.
Cristina: I have to admit kind of hope you and Derek die just a little bit. So I can raise the kid with decent priorities.


  1. I loved the finale! I watched it this morning, and I have to admit, I freaked out every time someone was shot. I have got to be the jumpiest person! Ha, my husband was right next to me groaning about how awful it was. He was rooting for everyone to die. Not cool.

  2. HAHAHAHA ... thanks for the chuckle.
    Have a great weekend - both of you :)

  3. loved the finale!! haven't watched much lately, but the finale has me hooked again for next season!

  4. We can watch Grey's Anatomy also here in Belgium but we are one season before you! I love Grey's Anatomy also a lot!

    You 2 have a cool blog!

    Many greetings from sunny Brussels, Belgium!

  5. I had to skip to the bottom of the post...we have the finale on DVR and havent watched it yet!!!!!

  6. I am not a Grey's watcher, but my BFF gave me the play by play of the finale, and it sounds amazing. Maybe I need to watch all the seasons.

  7. I almost couldn't even enjoy it because it was two hours of intense! I also wanted to barf every time Owen and Yang smooched. Blech.

  8. Thanks for dropping by our book blog!

    I was just in awe over the Grey's season finale. I literally couldn't move from the couch the entire two hours!

  9. I have it on my DVR to watch soon. Can't wait!

  10. Hello my fellow Grey's lover! The Finale seriously blew me away! I too am so glad Christina and Owen broke up! & so very glad McDreamy didn't die! I had my doubts about this season as well (I mean how could they keep this going?!) but I never failed to plan my Thursday night around it! <333

  11. my girlies and i were screaming for just about the whole two hours! it was a crazy episode!

  12. I always wished I had a friendship like Christina and Meredith's...

    not that I watch Grey's Anatomy or anything...

  13. I have never watched a full episode until I saw this season finale. I don't know why I watched it but I'm so glad I did!