Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 13 - Goals

I want to visit Germany

Get on the Price is Right - My grandpa and grandma used to watch this show all the time with me while they were babysitting me.

I want to marry a couple - not be a priest/paster but actually complete a ceremony and marry 2 people.

Save all the animals in the world. Stop backyard breeders and puppy mills/have everyone adopt an animal from a shelter instead of a breeder.

Find a job that I love!

Have kids?! Yikes haha maybe I'll stick to all my cats, meow.

What are your goals?



  1. What a interesting goal to marry a couple. What made you want to do that?

    I agree, I wish everyone would adopt animals from shelters! That's where we will always get our dogs.

  2. You should order tickets to the price is right and get on there!!!

  3. I want to be on the PIR too ohhh and I think i'll add marry a couple to my bucket list too! My aunt wants me to get my marriage lisc. so I can marry my brother when he gets married. lol I dont know about all that, but I really would love to marry a friend! :)