Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 1

Here is the most recent picture of me (I am on the right)

15 interesting facts about me:
1. My favorite colors are pink and green
2. I love themes/dressing up, see yesterday’s blog!
3. I love to travel out of the country. I have been to Italy, China, Australia and New Zealand.
4. Even though it may not seem like it I like my day very structured so I feel more in control
5. I am very patriotic and love the USA!!!
6. I love animals but really only dogs. I had a hampster named Kirby who always bit me so I never held it and then when I was at camp my mom killed it. I had a bunny, Thumper but it had lung cancer lost all of its fur and then we put it asleep. I had 2 birds Mr Mustard and Sunshine but MM pecked S to death and then MM died a couple months later. We got Scratch our cat from a family friend and he lasted a long time, really great cat. As for dogs we had Tar this huge black lab that was awesome he died at age 13  then Snickers was a mutt from the pound and lasted about 7 years. Love animals! Oh and I probably have had over 20 fish.
7. I love my sorority, Kappa Beta do or die! I really get annoyed when people make fun of Greek Life. I will argue the pros till I die.
8. I have been skydiving, bungee jumping, white and black water rafting and am ready to find my next adventure.
9. I love old people, they have great amazing stories
10. I miss my grandpa all the time. I would give anything for him to be healthy and back with us.
11. I have broken my femur; yes it sucked.
12. I love food; I can’t pick a favorite one. Love buffalo wings, olives, ice cream, apples, cherries, umm lots!
13. I am a true Minnesota sports fan. I love the Twins, Vikings and Wild. To be a true fan you have to know that our sports will have a huge build up to get everyone on the bandwagon then let you down. You get sad and then are still the big fan you were before.
14. I work with people who have brain injuries, they are interesting...
15. My least favorite type of alcohol is whisky


What do you think of day 1?


  1. I can definitely relate to #5! I get goosebumps when I hear the national anthem sometimes!

  2. My hubs is from Minnesota...but he's a traitor and roots for Tampa now. HA!

  3. Well I am soo glad you stopped by because I found some fellow KD bloggers! Kappa Delta do or die!!
    Have a feeling I am going to like you ladies;)