Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 8: Whateva Whateva-We do What We Want ! haha

So Sara and I are trouble sometimes...I am sure you have figured that out. It happens to the best of us :) Italy was one of my all time favorite memories. We had an amazing time. It was in January, right before our last semester of college, and we lived it up!

Our teacher HATED us! He just wanted us to be so serious and stay in and study all night and we just mostly wanted to see the sights...and the bars. We all have our priorities right?! Plus, we had the whole school thing on lock by then! So what if we brought giant wine juice boxes on our fieldtrips and started a whole bus sing along to "Lets Get F*cked Up"?!?... It was all in good fun... When you drive for hours to look at a bunch of rocks that used to be a temple a bajillion years ago who wouldn't want a coctail!

He thought we were going to fail miserably. We got the best grades in the class! And, we only studied the night before the final before we went out. We got the lecture on our lost potential, and we told him how we were the only ones who didn't waste a perfectly great trip to Italy sitting in our rooms reading. Whatever crabby...

An A is an A, and in this case A stood for AMAZING time in Sicily!

Any of you lovelies been there? Try the wine juice boxes! They are better than any wine here and less than a dollar! Not advised for long bumpy 6 am bus rides when you've been out till 4 though! haha



  1. Haha! I love that! I studied overseas and did the same thing!! Love the photos!

  2. lol that is awesome! I was that kid, in my room studying in London. I regret that studying part :(