Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love October!

If you live in MN or are traveling here in the next couple weeks I suggest you do this!

THE TWIN CITIES LARGEST HAUNTED CORN MAZE!!! You make your way through the maze trail that is over 30% larger than last year’s maze and over 10 feet tall! I kid you not these corn stalks are HUGE. I would even guess they were taller than 10 feet. No wimpy 60 second 4 foot tall trivia maze here, but an enormous 15 minute maze with hidden twists and turns, daring choices, and body numbing buildings to walk through such as the farmer’s house with hidden deadly spirits, butcher shack with dismembered pig parts, and toxic barn with animals that didn't make it, or did they?! Plus 8 additional walk through experiences. More Monsters and even more surprises await you inside this haunted spirit of harvest. Don't miss the NEW dark section with corn that comes to life! You walk through a forrest like experience where it is SO dark (duh its outside) and people just out and you see crazy things. Then they have a house dedicated only to clowns, really freaky. Plus they have one part where it is completly dark, like you can't see 1 inch in front of you so that was fun too.

I love haunted houses, anybody else been to any good ones?!


  1. Corn mazes always scare me!! We have one near us and every year it's great to go to but always so scary!